Jilin nengxing electric equipment co. LTD

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Jilin nengxing electric equipment co. LTD is located at No. 199 Yingbin Road, Jilin, a beautiful city. Founded in 2003, the company has a registered capital of 51.5 million yuan, covering an area of 15,000 square meters; at present, the company has a senior professional and technical team, to load (repair, test), power equipment testing as the main business. Has developed long-term technical service cooperation with electric power enterprises, industrial enterprises, power plants, etc., with high-quality service, exquisite technology to serve users, and the vast number of users to work together to create a better future!

Only Dexing

can be prosperous.


Main product

Lightning arrester product series
Switch series
Composite insulator products series
Cable accessories series
Bird repellent series
Grounded products
Industry dynamics

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No. 199 Yingbin Road, Jilin barracks area

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Jilin nengxing electric equipment co. LTD
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